Lizzie's 2013 Cookbook

About Lizzie


At the end of the Second World War, Lizzie’s Dad found himself in Uganda where he had been a member of the British Army. Back home in the London area, the infrastructure had been badly bombed, food was scarce and rationed, and good jobs were difficult to come by. He decided to stay in Africa, found himself a job and married Lizzie’s mother, a school teacher.

Lizzie called East Africa home for 23 years. The food produced in East Africa, especially the Highlands of Kenya, was of top quality and very fresh. The family always had good food, and Lizzie and her Dad loved experimenting in the kitchen when time permitted. Lizzie was sent to boarding school in England at the age of ten, but had no opportunity to cook while there. She did, however, enjoy creating in the kitchen when back in Africa for school vacations.

On leaving high school, Lizzie pursued courses at a Home Economics College in Bath, England, leading to her teaching certificate and a degree in Education through Bristol University. While at college she specialized in culinary technique and theory, the science of cooking and nutrition.

Lizzie’s teaching career spanned a period of 14 years, teaching grades 6-12 in St. Albans, England, and in Singapore and Hong Kong. While in Singapore, along with a colleague, she developed the Nutritional Science syllabus for the International Baccalaureate at Subsidiary Level. She was invited to go to Manila in the Philippines where the course was presented at a meeting of the World Health Organization.

In Hong Kong, Lizzie met her husband, Alan, who, besides other interests, had a passion for cooking and eating good food. Over the years entertaining at home for her husband’s business associates and visitors became a regular part of life, sometimes under difficult conditions, especially in Indonesia. Today Lizzie continues to cook for large events and her friends in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the USA.

All the online work for this cookbook has been done by Lizzie’s husband, Alan. Having participated in web site courses at the local community college and studied on his own, he has developed the capability to present this web site. It is hoped that you enjoy it and find it user friendly.

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