Lizzies 2013 Cookbook


Almond Butter Crunch
Alpenglow Sausage Platter
American Mint Marinated Lamb Chops
Antipasto Hors D’oeuvres
Apple Strudel
Aromatic Breast of Chicken
Artichoke Paté
Asian Style Spicy Coleslaw
Asparagus with Balsamic Tomatoes
Asparagus, Greens and Pine Nut Salad
Avocado Salsa Verde
Bacon Wrapped Prunes Stuffed with Water Chestnuts
Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes & Feta
Baked Tomatoes (Sausage Pie)
Balinese Chicken
Banana Pineapple Cake
Basmati Rice with Nuts & Dried Fruit
Batata Wada (Potato Balls)
Bean Bonanza
Bearnaise Sauce
Beef in Black Bean Sauce
Beef Rendang
Beef Stew
Beef with Peppers & Oyster Sauce

Blueberry Green Peppercorn Chutney
Bourbon Pumpkin Pie with Walnut Streusel Topping
Boursin Creamy Spinach
Braised Pork Shoulder with Apple Cider & Ginger Beer
Braised Red Cabbage
Braised Seafood with Bok Choy & Noodles
Brazil Nut Cake
Breakfast Pancakes
Broccoli Slaw with Oranges & Crunchy Noodles
Butternut Squash & Red Pepper Bake
Butternut Squash Curry
Butternut Squash Turnovers
Caesar Salad
Cauliflower & Caramelized Onion Tart
Cauliflower Curry
Chicken Biryani
Chicken Cashew Curry
Chicken Marsala
Chicken Pilaf
Chicken Salad
Chicken Tenders in Panko with Vegetables
Chicken Tikka
Chicken with Green Curry Sauce & Eggplant
Chinese BBQ Ribs
Chinese Braised Beef
Chinese Cabbage with Mushrooms & Bamboo Shoots
Chinese Pancakes
Chinese Style Barbecued Pork Fillet
Crispy Shrimp Wantons with Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce
Crystal Shrimp (or Fish)
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies with Oats
Chocolate Chip Date Cake
Chocolate Coffee Gingerbread
Chocolate Mousse
Coconut Curried Pork Stirfry
Coconut Vegetables
Coriander Chutney
Coriander Mint Yogurt Sauce
Corn Muffins
Creamed Cauliflower with Herb Crumbed Topping
Creamy Scrambled Eggs
Creamy Spiced Fish
Crispy Potatoes with Cumin
Crispy Shrimp Wontons with Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce
Crystal Shrimp (or Fish)
Curried Carrot & Parsnip Soup
Curried Mango Shrimp Kebabs
Curried Stuffed Eggs
Cypriot Olive Bread
Date & Cheese Morsels with Prosciutto
Date & Pecan Meringue Gateau
Date, Apple & Walnut Loaf
Easy French Fries
Eggplant & Sun-Dried Tomato Spread
Eggplant Raita
Eggplant, Pear & Pecorino Salad
Eggs Benedict
Fettuccine Primavera with Smoked Salmon
Fish Curry
Flounder with Mediterranean Topping
Foil Wrapped Ginger Chicken
French Onion Soup
French Press Pasta with Scallops
Fresh Pickled Cucumber
Fresh Thai Spring Rolls
Fried Bananas with 5 Spice Sugar
Fried Rice
German Potato Salad
Ginger Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Golden Vegetable Curry with Green Beans
Greek Lamb Chops with Tzatziki
Green Chicken Masala
Green Pea Soup
Guacamole & Homemade Corn Chips
Guacamole Stuffed Tomatoes
Halibut with Strawberry Salsa
Hasselback Potatoes
Herb Crusted Roast Fillet of Pork
Hollandaise Sauce
Hot & Crunchy Chicken Cones
Huevos Rancheros
Indian Chicken Revett
Indian Lamb Chops
Indian Mango “Salsa”
Italian Meatballs in Marinara Sauce
Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Japanese Lime/Chili Sauce
Japanese Spinach with Sesame & Soy
Japanese Wasabi Sauce
Kale & Spinach Salad
Kashmiri Style Roast Leg of Lamb
Kathy’s Salmon
Kenya Curry
Korean BBQ Beef
Korean Chicken
Kulchas – Small, Puffy Indian Breads
Layered Ginger Chicken Dip
Lemon Bars
Lemon Custard Cakes
Lemon Meringue Roulade
Lemon Surprise
Lime/Chili Sauce
Linguine with Tomatoes & Basil
Make Your Own Pizza Party
Mango Kerabu
Marinara Sauce
Mexican Rice
Mixed Fruit Chutney
Mixed Grain Bread
Mongolian Beef
Mozzarella Stuffed Pork Fillet
Mushroom Sauce
Mushroom Sausage Strudel
Naan – Indian Flatbread
Nutmeat Loaf
Oven Baked Asparagus
Oven Roasted Salmon with Green Lentils
Pan Roasted Duck Breast
Pasta Salad
Peanut Crusted White Fish with Frizzled Ginger & Green Onions
Peanut Soup
Pear Chutney
Pecan Sandies or “Snowballs
Pecan Shortbread

Peking Duck
Peking Style Chicken Wraps
Penang Tofu
Pesto Vinaigrette
Pico do Gallo
Pistachio Rice
Pizza – Make Your Own Pizza Party
Plum Sauce
Potato Salad
Potato Spring Rolls
Prawns in Sweet & Hot Curry Sauce
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Spears
Pumpkin Pie Cake
Quick Banana Muffins
Quick Kimchi
Roast Pork Shoulder with Onion Sauce
Roast Pork with Ginger Fig Compote
Roast Potatoes
Roasted Butternut Squash Salad
Rogan Josh
Rustic Dinner Rolls
Sago with Coconut & Melon                                                     
Salmon en Croute with Mushrooms
Salmon Extraordinaire
Salmon Tartare
Salmon with Apple Purée & Chive Oil
Salmon with Black Bean Sauce
Salsa Caughey
Sashimi with Avocado and Somen Noodles
Sausage Pie
Scalloped Potatoes
Seafood Newberg
Seafood Pasta
Sesame Chicken with Ginger & Snow Peas
Sesame Salmon & Hunan Noodles
Sherried Chicken Scaloppine with Mushrooms
Shrimp Stuffed Tofu           
Sicilian Antipasto
Singapore Noodles                                
Slaw for Tacos
Sloppy Joes
Slow Cooker 5-Spice Pork with Snow Peas
Slow-Roasted Turkey with Herb Salt
Smashed Potatoes
Sourdough Bread Batons
South African Fried Chicken
Soy Braised Mushrooms
Spaghetti with Creamy Braised Leeks & Garlic
Spiced Sweet Potatoes & Beans
Spicy Beef with Peanuts & Chilies
Spicy Bok Choy in Garlic Sauce
Spicy Chicken with Basil
Spicy Indian Eggplant
Spicy Rice with Shrimp & Peppers
Spinach & Chick Pea Curry
Steak with Red Thai Curry Sauce
Steamed Chinese Buns
Steamed Chinese Salmon
Stir Fried Tofu with Mushrooms & Snow Peas
Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffing Muffins
Sweet & Sour Okra
Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage
Sweetcorn Curry
Szechuan Braised Eggplant
Szechuan Noodles
Thai Beansprouts
Thai Beef Salad
Thai Chicken with Basil
Thai Crab & Green Mango Salad
Thai Mango Salad
Thai Red Curry Pumpkin Soup
Tomatillo Braised Chicken Thighs
Tomato Shrimp Aspic Salad
Trois Hors D’oeuvres
Trout with Pineapple Mango Sauce
Tuna & Chickpea Patties
Tuna with Green Onion & Wasabi Sauce
Tuscan Chicken
Walnut Pepper Spread
Wasabi Sauce
Winter Vegetable Jalfrezi